About Us

The Du Ya Wanna Snowmobile club is run entirely by volunteers.  Our community of volunteers groom and maintain almost 200KM of trails (the most KM of trails of any MSR club.)

Du Ya Wanna trails are mainly on the west side of Hwy 11 and are made up of all of the “80” series of trails and Top Trail “D”.  Our trails travel from Seguin Trail (Junction of C103D) south to just below Aspdin.  These trails are groomed with 2000 BR180, 2004 CENTAUR and a 2008 Husky.

If you are interested in helping to maintain the trails that you ride on, let us know!  There are lots of different jobs you can help with.  See our volunteer page for more details.

Meetings are 0n the first Thursday of the month at 7:30pm (from September to May) at the Aspdin Hall.